To date we had yet to visit any of the Italian Lakes, the reason being… well we had no excuses! We were living barely on the French side of the Mt Blanc tunnel and Como was a short 3 hours by car – as I said, no excuses, we were just waiting for the right time. Italy and France now had somewhat relaxed Covid rules, the weather the other side of the Alps looked gorgeous, and we had very good recommendations regarding the town of Bellagio.

Sitting at the inside tip of the inverted ‘Y’ Bellagio has it all; views, lakeside restaurants, an extremely popular cycle route up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ghisallo (the patron saint of cycling), hiking trails, and easy access to some other equally pleasant Lake Como towns.

Just as an appetizer we made this a 3 night short getaway, staying a 15 minute walk away from the centre. The apartment at Casa la Rosa checked all of our boxes, with a kitchen, parking, a shared balcony, and needless to say, views!

City Break in Bellagio

Bellagio waterfront

After checking in to our excellent accommodation it was time to head out to discover town. Not being ones for grand homes and gardens it was all about aimlessly wandering the streets of this very pretty town and finding out about ferry times to neighbouring lakeside towns.

June 3rd – June 6th 2021

Casa la Rosa – €80 per night direct booking

Cafes & Dining Out
Drinks and aperitifs at Bar Sanremo & Bellagio Bar Pizzeria Splendide

Places to See
Varenna, Menaggio, Chiesetta di San Martino hike, Greenway del Lago di Como

I think that with trial and error both my photography and website design are getting progressively better so hopefully these newer, better quality images will inspire you to get out there and travel. Click HERE to see more and if you like the content then feel free to comment.

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