Would this be the start of bigger things or maybe just put us off long distance cycle touring? Fortunately for me this wasn’t the first time spending back to back days in the saddle, whilst Andrea on the other hand was going to find out what is was all about! The EuroVelo 17 is the second from shortest of the long distance cycling routes throughout Europe, still coming in at an official 1,250 kms – pretty respectable I would say. Still a far cry from EuroVelo 1 which comes in at 11,000 kms. The main reasons we chose this route were for its relatively close proximity to Chamonix, the start being a comfortable 6 hour train ride away in Switzerland, and with the route passing a short distance away it gave us an easy bail-out option!

The route begins in the small Swiss Alps town of Andermatt where it picks up the Rhone Route (Swiss National Cycle Route 1), continuing into France a little south of Geneva on the ViaRhona, before ending in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône on the Mediterranean Sea.

EuroVelo 17 Cycling Route

The mighty Rhone, beginning as glacial meltwater, turning into a major river

Beginning as trickling meltwater from the Rhone Glacier

Trickling out from the Rhone glacier

Spilling out into the Mediterranean Sea over 1000kms later

Before spilling out into the Mediterranean Sea

EuroVelo 17 Day 1: Andermatt, CH to Susten-Leuk, CH

Distance: 119.44km, Ascent: 1,452m, Moving Time: 6:42:58
Total Distance: 119.44km, Total Ascent: 1,452m

Sean Connery chase scene from the 1964 Bond movie, Goldfinger

Goldfinger DB5 chase scene

Furkapass highpoint of EuroVelo 17

Furkapass highpoint of EuroVelo 17

Waiting for 11am road opening after winter closure

Waiting for road opening

EuroVelo 17 Day 2: Susten-Leuk, CH to La Tour-de-Peilz, CH

Distance: 110.52km, Ascent: 248m, Moving Time: 5:30:51
Total Distance: 229.96km, Total Ascent: 1,700m

EuroVelo 17 Day 3: La Tour-de-Peilz, CH to Geneva, CH

Distance: 97.92km, Ascent: 886m, Moving Time: 5:43:10
Total Distance: 327.88km, Total Ascent: 2,586m

EuroVelo 17 Day 4: Geneva, CH to Belley, FR

Distance: 100.85km, Ascent: 901m, Moving Time: 5:24:33
Total Distance: 428.73km, Total Ascent: 3,487m

EuroVelo 17 Day 5: Belley, FR to La Balme-les-Grottes, FR

Distance: 96.22km, Ascent: 377m, Moving Time: 4:43:24
Total Distance: 524.95km, Total Ascent: 3,864m

EuroVelo 17 Day 6: La Balme-les-Grottes, FR to Vernaison, FR

Distance: 83.62km, Ascent: 399m, Moving Time: 4:16:59
Total Distance: 608.57km, Total Ascent: 4,263m

EuroVelo 17 Day 7: Vernaison, FR to Tournon-sur-Rhône, FR

Distance: 94.22km, Ascent: 260m, Moving Time: 4:51:38
Total Distance: 702.79km, Total Ascent: 4,523m

EuroVelo 17 Day 8: Tournon-sur-Rhône, FR to Bourg-Saint-Andéol, FR

Distance: 117.87km, Ascent: 383m, Moving Time: 5:39:40
Total Distance: 820.66km, Total Ascent: 4,906m

EuroVelo 17 Day 9: Bourg-Saint-Andéol, FR to Avignon, FR

Distance: 82.44km, Ascent: 300m, Moving Time: 4:10:21
Total Distance: 903.1km, Total Ascent: 5,206m

EuroVelo 17 Day 10: Avignon, FR to Plage Napoléon (Salin de Giraud), FR

Distance: 112.26km, Ascent: 217m, Moving Time: 6:01:50
Total Distance: 1015.36km, Total Ascent: 5,423m

Zero refreshments but still felt great to be at 'The End'

Zero refreshments but still felt great to be at ‘The End’

Gear List
Sleeping bags x2
Sleeping mats x2
Pillows x2
Towels x2
Headlamps x2
Water purifier
Stove & gas
Pots & mugs
Utensils – sporks & knife
Mini backpack
Tubes, levers, tire patches, patch kit, pump, multitool, chain tool, zip ties, duck tape, lube, rag
Cycling bibs x2
Jerseys x2
Cycling Socks x2
Cycling shorts
Light jacket
Arm coolers
Baseball cap
Flip flops (bring cheap pair)
Tee-shirts x2
Running shorts x1
Boxer shorts x1
Toothbrushes & toothpaste
Liquid soap
Lip balm
Battery pack
Charging cables – phone, watch, bike computers
Breakfasts x6
Dinners x3
Salt tablets
Next Time!
Solar panels
Hub dynamo
Bike grease
Charging brick – 2 usb
Sea to Summit Big River 8l bags x2
Insulated cooking pouches x2
Repair tape
Washing line
Bell x2

June 18th – June 27th 2021

Night 0: Hospental
Sust Lodge – 120 CHF

Night 1: Susten-Leuk
Camping Gemmi – 25.60 CHF

Night 2: La Tour-de-Peilz
Camping de la Maladaire – 24 CHF

Night 3: Geneva
City Hostel Geneva – 72.50 CHF

Night 4: Belley
L’Etape – €56.82

Night 5: La Balme-les-Grottes
Gîte Le Clos Dauphin – €64.90

Night 6: Vernaison
La Fée des Eaux – €89.61

Night 7: Tournon-sur-Rhône
Gîte le Pied du Géant – €71.40

Night 8: Bourg-Saint-Andéol
Camping du Lion – €18.32

Night 9: Avignon
Hôtel Le Médiéval – €70

Night 10: Salin de Giraud
Camping Les Bois Flottés de Camargue – €23

Salin de Giraud to Arles – €1 pp

9:43 – 13:30 Arles to Grenoble €38.90 pp
13:33 – 17:16 Grenoble to St Gervais €33.70 pp
17:28 – 18:03 St Gervais to Les Bossons €10.20 pp


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