Days not Homeless: 4 Years, 160 Days  ...and loving every second of this alpine adventure!

not Homeless: 4 Years, 160 Days

ALPS 4000ers

Based on the UIAA there are 82 summits in the Alps with an altitude of 4000m and greater. Even though I almost definitely won’t be standing on top of them all it makes for some amazing adventures from Chamonix.

Mont Blanc comes in at the highest sitting pretty at 4809m, the lowest being Les Droites at exactly 4000m. Some are easily accessible in a couple of hours from ski lifts, some require significantly more time hiking or skiing, for some of them a high level of skill in various mountain disciplines is necessary, and some are attainable with a bit of desire and fitness.

The grading ranges from F (Facile), through PD- PD PD+ (Peu Difficile), AD- AD AD+ (Assez Difficile), D- D D+ (Difficile), TD- TD TD+ (Tres Difficile), and on up to ED- ED ED+ (Extremement Difficile)

Keep your eye on this page for progress…

* Peaks with an asterick are on the extended list of 4,000-metre summits. According to the UIAA (the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), there are (1) topographical reasons, (2) morphological reasons and (3) climbing reasons for considering a mountain to be a “real” 4,000-metre summit.

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