Days not Homeless: 4 Years, 124 Days  ...and loving every second of this alpine adventure!

not Homeless: 4 Years, 124 Days


The longer we travel the more we see that trying to cram too much into a schedule has a definite detrimental effect. Our first short trip to Europe was for around a month and included Iceland, the Republic of Ireland and a short trip to France to see friends – this was an ideal itinerary. Our second trip was for a little under 5 months and in that time saw us visit 22 countries, sometimes for only a couple of nights and others for a month. Trying to select a few highlights was difficult and often had us driving excessive distances just to spend a few hours at a location, with those locations usually being where all other tourists would be! We often had nothing planned in advance and decided where we would go next as we traveled, fortunately meaning we could stay somewhere longer if we chose. There are places throughout Eastern Europe that we would both love to see more of, including the countries along the Adriatic Sea.

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