Fall on the San Juan Skyway

We are both feeling very fortunate to have gone from hiking the amazingly scenic John Muir Trail in California’s Sierras straight to Durango and the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. Even better was lucking out on some typical Colorado weather for...

JMT: Beyond Muir Trail Ranch

With the likes of Forester, Glen and Pinchot passes behind us we assumed that the second half of the John Muir Trail would be plain sailing – wrongly assumed that is! The entire 220 plus miles are continuously up and down. In fact, for us the most difficult and...

JMT: 111 Miles until Resupply

Typically time flew by and before we knew it we were sitting having Chinese, excellent Chinese at that, in Lone Pine, California the evening before our big departure. Going Broke, our SUV, was patiently waiting for us at Mammoth Airport and all we had with us was what...

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