Saint-Pierre & Miquelon by Fatbike

Had it not been for the Century Travelers Club neither of us would have heard of this little slice of France in the northern Atlantic. Listed under the North American countries/ territories heading this turned out to be the last of our places to visit within that...

Cape Breton Island

Home of the Cabot driving trail and ferry departure point to the province of Newfoundland, Cape Breton Island is renowned for its Celtic influence, art scene, and amazing coastline. It was here we got to camp at one of our top ten all time campsites at Meat Cove, be...

New Scotland

Not to say that we didn’t enjoy New Brunswick but we really used the Province as a means to get from Maine through to Nova Scotia. Apparently tourism falls short due to this reason! Three hours beyond the quaint seaside town of Saint Andrews and just shy of the...

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