DAYS HOMELESS: 5 Years, 125 Days  …and loving every second of this nomadic lifestyle!

HOMELESS: 5 Years, 125 Days

A Country or a Big Mall

Having made the decision that we would waste the better part of an entire day to country bag Andorra it would have been far better for us if the rental car had refused to start. We were spending a couple of nights at Mas El Guitart, a spa hotel in L'Hostalnou de...

The Only Way is Up

The time being slightly after 8am during the week and having no espresso maker in our Funchal airbnb rental it was time for one of my frequent fifty meter walks to the local cafe and grocery store. It would have been far easier to fit in with the locals had I ordered...

Sweet and Juicy Pineapples

Having just spent three weeks in Portugal the thought was why not continue in the Portuguese vain and hit the islands, beginning in the Azores before heading down to Madeira. The Autonomous Region of the Azores is located around 850 miles from the mainland and total...

Country Count: 93
Latest: Andorra

CURRENTLY IN: Olot, SPAIN        NEXT STOP: Andorra la Vella, ANDORRA

NOW: Olot, SPAINNEXT: Andorra la Vella, ANDORRA


  • Paraglide in Colombia
  • Take a glider over Acadia NP
  • Learn Spanish
  • Cage Dive with Great White Sharks
  • See Aurora Borealis
  • Complete an Ironman
  • Hike the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu
  • Cruise Antarctica
  • Fly in a hot air balloon
  • Hang glide over Rio
  • Hogmanay in Edinburgh
  • Summit Mt Everest
  • Safari in Kruger NP
  • See a volcanic eruption with lava
  • Visit the Rio Sambadromo at Carnaval
  • Photo a Grizzly fishing for Salmon
  • Hike the John Muir trail in CA
  • Add my name to the 7-summit list
  • Swim in the Arctic Ocean
  • Cycle the Great Divide by Fatbike
  • Raft the Grand Canyon
  • Drink beer at Octoberfest in Munich
  • Trek the Annapurna Circuit
  • See elephants at the David Sheldrick Institute
  • Compete in Cape Epic, SA

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We’ve now been back from our six month tour of Eastern Europe, Israel, Jordan, Cuba and 110 miles of hiking around the Mont Blanc Massif for almost a month and are already discussing whats next. Funny how things go as one minute we’re talking about staying put and buying a house, and the next minute trying to decide which part of this amazing planet is next on our agenda.The Tour du Mont Blanc, TMB for short, was as amazing as we’d expected – not as dramatic as the ‘W’ Circuit in Patagonia, but an awesome experience all the same. It was also the start of my demise, upon which my newly operated on hip began torturing me whenever I put one foot in front of the other. As I sit here in Kerikeri, New Zealand writing this update I’m down to just 3 more days of misery before a cortisone shot hopefully provides some reprieve. Just realized that a chunk of this update is missing, and that I forgot to mention that the blogger, Wayne, is currently at the back end of a three week trip to visit family in New Zealand, whilst the money earner, Andrea, is at home with her family in Kentucky, United States. So, heading back to our current status… We had a fun wedding in the south of England, a fulfilling hike through France, Italy and Switzerland, followed by two months spent driving through the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia, and many other European countries east of Germany. Two months allowed us only enough time

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My desire to be one of the very few that claim to have stood on the highest summits of each of the seven continents began after successfully standing atop Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, and a few years later Elbrus, the highest in Europe. From then on, with the camaraderie of my two climbing buddies from the US, Jeff Strite and Jose Rionda, I made it up, over the top and down the other side of Aconcagua, the highest in South America, and Denali, in North America (also a tough traverse). A quick ascent of Kosciuszko in the white mountains of Australia, followed by an amazing adventure in Indonesian Papua, or Irian Jaya, to climb Carstensz Pyramid, and that made up the fifth peak of Oceania/ Australasia. It depends on who you listen to as to which summit is the more legitimate, with one being a region including Australia and proximate islands, and the other being on the Australian mainland. Next up in 2005 came a dream shot at Everest with our Aconcagua guide Mike Hamill and International Mountain Guides, and although I only made it above the Balcony as far as 8,500m (28,000ft), it was still a life changing experience. In 2019, allowing plenty of time to get fit after having hip resurfacing, I will be heading back to Nepal to finish the 350 meter shortfall and stand on top of the world! Fortunately in December of 2017 the opportunity to climb number six, Mount Vinson in Antarctica arose and instantly made me want to return.

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