The time being slightly after 8am during the week and having no espresso maker in our Funchal airbnb rental it was time for one of my frequent fifty meter walks to the local cafe and grocery store. It would have been far easier to fit in with the locals had I ordered a straight Scotch or a beer than a Chino – the Madeiran name for a double espresso, and very similar to an Americano. I was getting to be a dab hand at ordering the best coffees but terrible at even contemplating liquor at such an hour! Why not be able to down a little tipple before heading off for an 8 hour shift in Madeira.

View from one of Funchal's many miradors, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean

View from one of Funchal’s many miradors, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean

We had flown into Madeira’s international airport from The Azores after having spent a great two weeks on the uncrowded island of São Miguel – we were hoping this archipelago would wow us equally, even with its cruise ships and retirement crowd reputation. Our first port of call after reluctantly collecting another Goldcar rental was to Porto da Cruz in the gloomy sounding north of the small island. Apparently weather systems arrive from the Northern Atlantic causing the coastline and pretty much everything north of the centrally located mountain range to suffer from extremely fickle conditions. We experienced a mixture of drizzle, cloud, cold, drizzle, drizzle, more cloud, and very occasionally some sunshine! Knowing that thirty minutes around the coast the capital city of Funchal was in glorious sunshine drove us crazy.


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February 2nd – February 11th 2018

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