The Road to Ecuador

We’ve fallen behind with the blog, or at least I have since we left Popayan almost three weeks ago with a hop, skip and jump to Ecuador. In between we stopped at San Agustin for a few days to see the stone statues of its UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mocoa for the...

Cali, the City of Salsa

Personally one of my favorite places in Colombia, being a little rough around the edges but having great people and a relaxing old town. Cali is best known as the home of Salsa, and previously with the ruthless Cali drug cartel – nowadays the police presence is huge...

Zona Cafetera

We were really looking forward to visiting this part of Colombia because we had heard so many wonderful stories from various travellers – we found that the cities were not overwhelming, the weather perfect, and the scenery stunning. And for me, loving coffee, I was...

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